Golden Retriever Walks Over 60 Miles In 2 Weeks To Get Back Home
This beautiful story is like a real-life “The Incredible Journey” and shows just how loving and loyal dogs really are. A golden retriever named Ping An
Cat Tries To Apologize To His Owner In The Most Adorable Way
How does a dog apologize to you? Puppy eyes and everything is over. But with cats and their regal attitude, saying sorry to someone is a no-no on their list.
An unbelievable footage.This cat with an unusual heroic spirit guided a lost hiker down a mountain in Switzerland
A cute and smart cat was in the right place at the right time. The cat has a very unique heroic spirit as he could lead the lost hiker to the hostel.
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A pair of honeybees join their forces to open a soda bottle in an incredible video
Bees are very deligious and hard working. They are working tireless. Bees are also known to be very gentle and intelligent creatures. This footage shows
A cunning cat who was missing during the move walks 40 miles to find his family and be reunited with them
Hallie Kutcher’s son who is 9 years old keeps on hugging his toy until the family would find their lost cat. His favourite cat named Oliver was missing.
A British photographer tiptoes through the tulips to shoot harvest mice, and the result will give you positive vibes and make your day
Every day we face peoblems and difficulties and we all need something to brighten our mood. Sometimes people need breaks to feel happy or relaxed.
An artist photoshops her big ginger cat into iconic paintings and the results win the social media
We love art and especially when people make art funny. Svetlana Petrova a Russian artist has a very big cat named Zarathustra. The artist professionally
A very funny interview footage of the cute parrot. Tiny mic interview but it is just Sydney
A chatty parrot is interviewed by a tiny microphone. The reaction of the talkative parrot will leave you surprised. The white coloured bird looks so pretty
Every day stray dog visits car dealership, gets his own badge and gets a “job”
A stray dog had been wandering in the streets of Brazil. Thanks to his persistance and willpower the dog achieved his aim. The dog got a home and a job.
An opera cat Maximino. A cute a cat singing opera footage will crack you up today
A hillarious video spread through the social media. The funny cat began to sing opera and made the footage famous among social media users.