PHOTO.A sincere and touching scene. An emotional story about how a cat met her owner after departing for some time
Many people think that cats are very conceited animals. This story is the contrast  proof . You will surely change your mind and thoughts about this.
PHOTO. A touching and kind story about a heroic act. Only heroes can do such things
A   brave man jumps into icy waters to rescue the  dog’s life. It’s  difficult to say what we shall do and how we will act  in a death or life state in
PHOTO. A kind story about a boy whose action gives people hope that humanity still exists
In the modern world there are few friendly and lovely people. What the little boy did gives people hope that humanity is an option for a happy and well being.
A heart melting story about a friendship between a boy and a dog
It is a true and touching story about a  fiendship between  a dog and a boy. You will understand  that they can form an uncompareable bond and become close
An amazing story how the rabbit could save and protect the three puppies
A  story occured in Omsk region recently. It is hard to believe this story. A simple rabbit became a real guardian angel for some puppies.
A funny and heartwarming scene. A family of bears were having a yard pool party
On one warm and a sunny day  a family of bears made a decision to get pleasure and have fun in the pool. In  New Jersey, in Rockaway for this family of
Interesting and funny pictures of different animals:Friendly and cute relations between animals that draw a smile on people’s faces
Animals are friendly and lovely. They as people can’t stand living without their friends. Friendship is a valuable treasure. Animals as people like to have fun.
Stunning and beautiful photos. An unusual and interesting story about how a small bird was having a shower in a red flower petal
A photographer whose name is Rahul Singh is a photographer of wildlife. He has taken many photos of amazing nature and a range of various animal types.
PHOTO. The two toned faced cat Chimera
The Chimera cat which has unusual and magic face of two different colors . They two different colors on the face are in the middle of the face .
PHOTO. One of the rarest animals in the planet
The rare and melanistic type of red fox is found in Newfoundland. It is of red color and have orange coat with dark stripes on their back and shoulders.