A pet rabbit named Cocoa Puff is very famous for being as big as a dog
A family keeps a rabbit as a pet as they think they can not keep a dog or a cat at their small house. The daughter of the family whose name is Maisie wanted
The tiny dog befriended with a monarch butterfly and for a moment the world was perfect
Rylee Boland and her French bulldog named Mochi were just sitting at home when a butterfly visited their garden. The dog rushed as she saw from the window
A box was found with innocent puppies inside the box
A man found a box with innocent puppies inside the box. The puppies were left in despair. The man did not hesitate and called Love Furry Friends Rescue.
A blind dog abandoned on park bench after giving birth gets the love that she really deserves
Abandoning pets is a very bad thing especially when they are afraid of everything. Here is a story about such case. A blind pitbull was sitting on the
Heartfelt images. Ten orphaned street boys choose to share their food with ten homeless dogs they adopted
Little boys living in Bangladesh prefer to share their food with the stary dogs they look after. These street boys live in the little park in the city’
Indiana police department allows people not to pay money for fines, but bring animals food and other necessary things
There are many people who worry about stray animals and they do their best to help these animals in need. The police department in Indiana thought his
A blind and deaf senior dog who never felt love and care slow dances with her new owner
This is a touching story about a dog which is already 11 years old. The dog was rescued by a kind woman. The dog had lived a very difficult life.
A cute footage. A little girl wanted to adopt the sick and shivering dog from the shelter and change the life of the dog for the better
A pit bull was brought to the shelter shivering a whole day. She was in a hopeless state. The dog had serious infections. It was clear he had a hazardous life.
A kind golden retriever rescues a small stranded woodchuck and transports the animal to safety
It was a hot summer day. A family liked to take their dog for a swim. The dog just adored swimming. The dog was named Wally. Wally is a golden retriever
Very cute photos will brighten your day. A kind couple rescued 2 ducklings, 2 pit bulls, 2 terriers and a cat and they are inseperable friends now
This family of animals consisits of ducks, terriers, pit bulls and a cat. They were rescued by a kind hearted couple. They get along with each other very