The rude owner of the dog left him abandoned outdoors after knowing that he has a cancer. Luckily a kind man noticed and helped this cute creature
The dog’s rude owner left her dog rather than curing her when the tumors got bigger. But gratefully, the dog was brought to a vet after being saved.
PICTURES. The weak and exhausted kitten found in the streets finally became a hairy and healthy feline
One year ago a woman named Nur Hamizah saw a white weak near his cat in Malaysia. The feline was small, injured and full of infections and was very untidy.
A scared dog was noticed frozen in the rain all wet and starving from hunger
The puppy was starving from hunger and thirst. He was all wet under the rain. The dog was strolling outdoors. He felt severe cold. Unluckily, the dog was
How three kind hearted old women decided to adopt the oldest dog in the animal shelter and give him a forever home
Three senior women decided to adopt an old dog and give her a forever home. All the puppies in animal shelter wait to be adopted. This story is about three
A funny video. How eight dogs were able to decorate the X-mas tree with pleasure when they were left all alone in a flat
Eight sweet dogs decorate a X-mas tree and they do this so willingly. They even decorate the tree with pleasure.  Dogs are famous for thier ability to
Luckily, a dog who fell in the water and swam nearly 137 miles was rescued by one of the workers of oil rig
When a person has a job of a oil rig on the sea, it is simple that he will see a dollphin or whale but not an unsheltered dog. The dog was noticed by one
Watch the video. An owner of the dog rescues the dog from the jaws of the large crocodile
A man goes very quickly to rescue his dog from furious alligator. There are many people who do everything to save their dog and they will do their best.
A heartwarming story about two abondened visionless kittens who lead each other everywhere they go and whatever they do
The time the kind hearted woman noticed two tiny cats outdoors in the yard, she saw that the kittens were wholly indivisible. They ate very little and
A heart touching scene how the dog says farewell to his owner who took care of him for 4 years
Dogs are true and just friends of people. The unsheltered dogs show the faitfulness of unsheltered dogs are loyal when they are away from their owners.
Video. Heroic act. How two men who went for fishing could rescue two abondened cats in water by their former owner
The time Brandon Key and Jason Frost decided to go in for fishing in Alabama. They did not even think that what cute creatures they would see and save.