A woman named Tracey adopts six dogs which need special care and now they are living their life to the fullest
A woman who had once a German Shepherd Hayden made a decision adopt 6 puppies. This woman’s name Tracey Fowler. She was from Mendon,  Vermont.
After going through a house fire and being badly injured and burnt, now the dog works as a therapy dog for those who also had this case of being burnt
This story is about a dog named Taka. He was burnt very seriously in the house fire. This incident happened in October in 2018. The dog is 9 years old.
PHOTOS. The dog was left alone because of his facial deformity and he was neglected by his owners for several times
It is well known that dogs are best friends of humans. They are very faithful and true and tightly connected with their owner. There are very few people
Grief-stricken cat sorrows over his former owner who passed away
The cat Rambo had tight relations with his owner. Unfortunately, the old owner died, he immediately got ill, had the loss of  need of hunger and even did
A feline was rescued after three days stuck on the high telephone pole
A cat named  Betty remained  30 feet pole. Ut was there over 24 hours. At first he stood there calmly. After 24 hours it began to scream and weep.
PHOTOS. Here is a cute and sweet cat named Chata. She has a unique way of sleeping on his back as humans do
Those who love cats know the most favourite activity that they like to do ia just taking a nap. They just adore this and there is nothing compared to this activity.
A man found an abondened and frightened cat under his truck and just could not resist to say no to her
The user of  JustAnotherGoodGuy Reddit downloaded his fated and vital meeting with a frightened kitten, who was holding on to a heavy goods vehicle next
A hunting dog was treated badly by his owner, luckily after five years of starving it gains freedom being adopted by a caring family
It is famous that Duke is a grand aand impressive name. The people, who have this title must be served as majesty. But this dog named Duke,  did not even
A poor dog seemed to be on the edge of death thrown away in the box outdoors. Fortunately, it was rescued by a kind-hearted and attentive woman’s imediate actions
Meghan Lynch is an member of workforce in a profitless company in New Jersey. The organization is called  Associated Humane Society. Early in the morning
Video. A heartwarming story about a kind-hearted road worker who rescued the life of a drowning cat in the floodwaters
A trackman rescued a cat which was drowning. The man’s name was Metin Kesin. There was a waterflood in Turkey at that time. The road worker gave