A heroic act of the rescued dog saved the life of a baby girl and his sibling left outdoors in cold weather
Dogs are very faithful and devoted animals. They have a very developed sense of feeling danger. These quality is very developed in them.
A disabled dog was left alone by his owner in the street. There was a note and some diapers beside him.
To be the owner of a pet that is paralyzed is a very difficult thing. These kind of animals need a unique way of caring and looking after.
A stray and pregnant dog whose name was Mia was wounded by a car accident. She was left alone and abondened for nearly a week.
Wondering dogs frequently have to do with many problems. The most terrible thing that can occur to roaming dogs is smashed into many problems.
The black-colured bear was just enjoying her time lying on the mattress. The bear knows how to have a perfect relaxation.
This bear started  the day in a wonderful way. The funny bear likes to have a rest and enjoys life. He was just relaxing on a nice mattress that people left.
The tiny and hopeless kitten was laying on the highway. Everybody went past and did not stop to help the kitten.
A tiny cat  kitten was lying on the highway that did not interest to anybody. He felt so abondened and  lonely in the world. The mother of the cat  was
A cat which is called “Miracle cat” has recovered after being hit badly in the bus accident. Luckily he has a new friendly and caring family
A good looking young cat has earned the worth  title  “miracle cat” after being cured evidently. The cat’s name is Trudie.
A faithful and true dog rejects to leave his old owner’s side at her burial
Animals are close friends of people. They are very devoted and smart. They give care and love to their owners. They become a family  member with their owners.
The dog weeps hopelessly and countlessly understanding that the owners brought and left him in the animal shelter
The dog  weeps hopelessly and  countless understanding that the owners brought and left him in the  animal shelter.Two dogs were brought to the animal
PHOTOS. The reddish-yellow cat  was lifeless and hopeless, but the two kind-hearted men  rescued the kitty after seeing a little bit hope of saving
Two  men who were do-gooders noticed a tiny hopeless cat on the main road. The cat was just lying down on the terrace and looked rather weak and in despair.
Cute and lovely, but frightened sloth was saved from the side of the main road by a police officer
A policeman was keeping guard on an Ecuadorian main road. At the time of keeping guard on he saw  uncommon creature on the side of the highway.