A true guardian angel. A brave husky rescues his owner’s life who unfortunately had a terrible incident while skiing
Dogs are always there to help the people who need their help. This story is about a husky whose quick actions saved the man’s life who was a skier.
A faithful dog refuses to leave the front of house and still waits for his owners who left him outdoors and went away
A dog was standing in front his owner’s house. He looked very hopeless as he was waiting somebody to open the door. The dog was named Cupid.
Such a heartwarming scene. How the dog greeted his owner at the airport. It was already two years since the dog had not seen him
Every time a person goes in for army service. He is waiting compassionately to see his family members. This is a story about a soldier named Brent.
A cute dog rescues the little girl’s life from coming enormous waves
Dogs are best and faithful friends of human beings. They are always there to give hands to people in need of help.   This a story about a girl and a cute puppy.
A generous and kind boy who is only 9 years old just buys and gives food from his pocket money to unsheltered dogs. Luckily, he collects money to open a shelter for stray dogs
A cute boy spends all her money that he has in his pocket giving food to unsheltred and strolling outdoor dogs. There are still many people who do not
A heartwarming video. A falling toddler was rescued by a kitten who looked after him so attentively
A kitten rescues the life of the child. He saves him from falling from the steps.   The child was just one year old. The cat noticed the toddler coming
The cats were rescued by an oil worker who were frozen in the icy ground
This is a story about three kittens stuck in the icy snow. It was a very cold day. A worker from Canada did this by means of coffee. The man heard the
A homeless man travels with his 11 puppies in a cart. A woman sees this kind man and she changes the life of this man abruptly
A man named Steve became unsheltered in 2001. He lived outdoors and started to collect stray dogs. The man was as hopeless and upset as these dogs.
An abandoned dog with sad eyes full of sorrow waits somebody to adopt him. He was left all alone outdoors with a sign on his face
A dog named Remy was suffering in the streets. His owners abandened him. Howl of the dog company noticed the dog. When the dog saw the members of the company
A brave dog rescues his owner’s life by lying on him and barking for help for already 20 hours in a freezing weather. The man had fallen down and smashed his neck
A cute dog rescued the life of the man who had slipped and broke his broke his neck. The dog lay 24 hours on him in a cold weather conditions .