The dog weeps hopelessly and countlessly understanding that the owners brought and left him in the animal shelter
The dog  weeps hopelessly and  countless understanding that the owners brought and left him in the  animal shelter.Two dogs were brought to the animal
PHOTOS. The reddish-yellow cat  was lifeless and hopeless, but the two kind-hearted men  rescued the kitty after seeing a little bit hope of saving
Two  men who were do-gooders noticed a tiny hopeless cat on the main road. The cat was just lying down on the terrace and looked rather weak and in despair.
Cute and lovely, but frightened sloth was saved from the side of the main road by a police officer
A policeman was keeping guard on an Ecuadorian main road. At the time of keeping guard on he saw  uncommon creature on the side of the highway.
Video. A hero dog Yorkie saves the life of her 10 years old owner from wild coyote
There is a unique and uncomparable relationship between a pet and a child. Each child must have a pet and live with it. The dogs are defending friends
PHOTOS.A cat which is 13 years old is not able to take a nap till his owner has him in his hand
The story is about a cat which is a Burmese cat. He is 13 years old. The cat was brought to the shelter after his owner went to a convalesent home.
PHOTOS.A heartwarming story about an autistic boy who finally found a close friend
Look at this scene. I have never seen such touching and thrilling scene.  A five years old Autistic boy saw his new dog which suffered Autism.
Video. The sweet dog can not stop thanking the man who rescued his life
Once a dustman who was from Mexico saved the life of  a hopeless dog which remained in  inland waterway. The name of the garbage collector is Said Zarate.
PHOTOS. A dog treated badly by his former owner finally finds a forever home
It is difficult to realize why the dogs are abondened by their owners and the dogs have to protect themselves. Actually, the dogs are kind-hearted and
PHOTOS. An earless cat which was being cured at last finds a forever home and coincidently finds a close friend
Here is a cat named Potato. He is extraordinary cat with earless. The cat is from China. It lived in the terrace, before a native shelter saved the cat.  
PHOTOS. This lovely and unique cat with four ears is called Yoda and he has now a new family
The cat named Yoda was two years old. The cat has four ears. He is safe and sound. He even listens completely. A husband and a wife named Valerie adopted