A true hero. The dog dives in the deep river and rescues a drowning boy
A Bulldog mix named Max saved the boy who was drowning. Dogs who rescue lives they are really considered to be heros. Max is also a hero.
Two stray dogs were seen to protect the blind old woman lying in the muddy bank of the river
Dogs are loyal and true friends of human beings. They are always be their owner’s side in any situation. They do not even think what social position
The neglected dog started to cry from happiness when he was looked after for the first time in his life
A puppy started to cry when he was looked after for the first time in the life. The dog was named Bonggu. The puppy was 9 months old. He had overcome many
A little girl cries of happiness as she finally reunites with her missing dog
A cute tiny girl can not resist crying of happiness when her missing dog was found and brought back to her. The dog was lost in San Antonio in May.
A brave and cute puppy rescued from a house fire becomes a firefighter
A dog who was rescued from fire works as a firefighter now. The dog was only three weeks old when he was badly burnt from house fire. The dog was saved
The Olympic gold medalist became famous for knitting sweaters for the dogs sitting in the stands
Tom Daley is a diver. He is 27 years old. The boy got an Olympic golden medal. Once when he was sitting in the stands watching women’
An ill tiny bear cub was rescued by an officer. Unluckily, the baby bear was left behind by his family
When a person meets a bear cub he or she should be cautious as when they are with their mother. The mother wil attack to anybody who comes nearer.
A dog who was falling from the ninth floor was rescued by a kind and caring passerby
A dog was rescued from falling from the ninth floor by a kind-hearted passerby.This man was in a proper place at a proper time to rescue the dog.
The heartwarming and touching moment. Finally, a man finds his stolen dog after 8 months
A dog which was lost for already 8 months is finally found. The scene was captured by a rescue team. The man and the dog had such a strong bond.
The mother dog giving birth her puppies made an effort to defend her puppies in the heavy rain
Mother dog who was giving birth was making an effort to protect her puppies. The mother dog gave birth in the bushes. The poor mother canine and her puppies