PHOTO. How a dog rescued rapidely the drawning fawn
The dog saw a fawn which was drowning  in the water and without hesitation went to  rescue the fawn. People have to support each other. It is unusual that
Cute photos. A special bond between a cute baby elephant and its rescuer
An elephant that is left alone. That baby elephant is the happiest to live with  the woman, who saved him. The woman looked after him and always followed
A kind animal. How does the dog react to his new owner as a sign of gratitude
A touching and heartwarming time a shelter dog is grateful to his new owner for adopting him. Kayla Filoon is a petsitter in Philadelphia in an animal shelter.
A heroic act. An emotional story about firefighters who saved the calf facing a death experience
Firefighters  saved a calf  which was in 20 feet well. The calf was drowning  and it was very  dangerous for the calf’s life.The calf was from  Massachusetts.
How could a fluffy bear keep warm and rescue the 3 years old boy who was lost in the forest
A 3 years old boy  lived 2 freezing nights saying that a bear kept him warm and safe.In North Caroline Casey Hathway  disappeared from his grandmother’s  home .
PHOTO. A touching story about how a woman could save the life of the poor and frozen cat
Taking the dog for a walk, the woman saw a packet in which there was a tiny cat.Alina took the dog for a walk her dog as usual every day.
PHOTO. A sincere and sweet story about a cute dog which looks after a new born baby
The smart dog always suggests the baby his favorite toy when the dog hears that the new born baby is crying. A lot of married couples are worried about this question.
A loyal and true friend. A heartwarming story about a dog which still waits for his owner on the bridge, who committed a suicide
The love of a dog towards people is incomparable. They will stay faithful to us even after we died. A lot of stories of pets have been seen.
PHOTO.A sincere and touching scene. An emotional story about how a cat met her owner after departing for some time
Many people think that cats are very conceited animals. This story is the contrast  proof . You will surely change your mind and thoughts about this.
PHOTO. A touching and kind story about a heroic act. Only heroes can do such things
A   brave man jumps into icy waters to rescue the  dog’s life. It’s  difficult to say what we shall do and how we will act  in a death or life state in