How a man discovered his talent of sculpturing on the beach
Many people have pleasure having a rest at the beach and getting a sunbathe. Sea is an opportunity to get a freedom and gives a chance to forget about
Photo. A hero dog: A touching story about a dog who carried food for his owner every day
Ivan  was a crane operator at a building centre.  A day, after other hard working  day, the man made a decision  bypass home, as he was so tired and walked
An interesting story. What happened the time when the girl approached to the bears
All this occured in  summer.Outdoors the air was fresh and it was rather warm.  The birds awakened very early and alarmed people with their wonderful and
PHOTO. All about a famous dog which broke the record of having the longest ears in the world
Coonhound dog has the longest ears in the world. His name is Lou. He broke the record having the longest ears. Coonhound has a black color.
PHOTO. The only celebrity brown panda in the world
The world’s only brown panda which was left alone when she was born,now has become happy. The name of the world’s only panda is Qizai.
PHOTO. An exhilarating story. How a giraffe stucked in a fence badly was rescued
The giraffe was in a difficult and suffering situation. He was stuck in a fence, she could not move her legs. It was suffering to get out the fence.
PHOTO. Here is why you should have a parrot
Parrots live in hot tropical places and countries, also in regions. Parrots lay 2 up to 8 eggs.Parrots have colorful feather and curved break.
After the traces of a story about a hero dog
This story is about a hopeless situation that happened in Michigan last Wednesday. Princeton Peak who was two years old was  at home with his father and
PHOTO: A heartwarming and unusual story: How three horses look after baby deer who was left all alone
It’s always beautiful and touching to see various kinds of animals taking care of each other. Usually an animal’s protective intuations come even in case
Let’s find out why you should have a fluffy and cute Pomeranian shpitz-dog
The teacup Pomeranian are small in their size that’s the reason calling them so. The average size of this teacup Pom breed costs 3 to 7 pounds, it