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This is a touching story and this a proof that there are still people who take care of other people.Jeninе was going to  her work in a severe cold winter
A mother’s instinct: How pig gave birth to her babies in terrible conditions
A mother’s love and care towards her children is the most powerful thing in the world.Even it  is a powerful thing  in the case of animals .
An exciting story between a parrot and its owner, which had a tragic end
Animals have the ability of feeling the emotions and feelings of happiness and sadness, especially parrots. They as humans experience the feeling of loneliness
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A cute and loyal kitten loved her owner very much and   couldn’t stand to leave her owner’s side.  A year has gone since this cat’s owner died, but
Many cats don’t have any eyelashes. We introduce 10 enchanting facts about cats.
Many cats don’t have any eyelashes.  We introduce 10 enchanting facts about cats. At the time of growing up, the first year of a cat’s life is alike
Here is where the black spots on pandas originate
There are many interesting facts about pandas. One of them is that they dry each other’s tears. Pandas are so funny and cute because of the black
A story of unnoticed dog, which had a happy ending
A young couple made a decision to adopt a dog as they noticed a photo of a very sad dog and the couple drove six hours to pick the dog from the shelter