A faithful and true partner. A heartbreaking and touching story about a cat who didn’t leave her owner’s grave for almost a year


A cute and loyal kitten loved her owner very much and   couldn’t stand to leave her owner’s side.  A year has gone since this cat’s owner died, but the cat  hasn’t left her old lady’s grave. She wanted to stay there and never leave the owner’s grave.

A passer-by Keli Keningau Prayitno who was 28 years old, tried to inherit the cat but that didn’t have a result – the next day the cat returned her owner’s grave as usual , sniffing the small blue headstone.

Astonishingly, the cat walks  to her former home every day where the old lady’s children feed and take care of her – then the cat returns to the grave of her owner.  Although passer-bies give food and water, but the cat rejects to go far away or leave the grave, to walk in the earth and prefers to sleep at the grave being near her owner every night.

She sleeps on the grave and meows, it shows just how close and faithful animals are to their owners.Keli said.  And who said cats don’t have feelings for their owners?  Please share this heartwarming and touching  story with your friends and let them be informed about the fact that cats are faithful and lovely partners as well.

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