An exciting story between a parrot and its owner, which had a tragic end


Animals have the ability of feeling the emotions and feelings of happiness and sadness, especially parrots. They as humans experience the feeling of loneliness when they are far from their beloved human beings, even animals.


Parrots even feel depressed in such situations. The true example of this is the parrot that suffers and can’t stand the feeling of being away from his “human mom”.The parrot lived with his owner almost 25 years, but the parrot had a mind of five years old,as he couldn’t live alone and be far from the mom who was in hospital.


The parrot didn’t leave his owners side even a moment. When the owner told parrot these words that she loved her,the parrot started to cry.This was an emotional and sincere scene. The parrot couldn’t stand losing his owner. Before this the parrot was so naughty and very noisy and loud but now he was so silent and sad as the parrot knew what was going to happen.

Something serious was going to happen. The moment the woman was dying told these words and the parrots crying is the proof of true friendship and devotion.

25 years of true relations and the bond between human and the bird is very strong. Let’s share this story and spread this kind and sincere story about the bond between a parrot and an owner.

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