After the traces of a story about a hero dog


This story is about a hopeless situation that happened in Michigan last Wednesday. Princeton Peak who was two years old was  at home with his father and his pet whose name was Apollo. The didn’t notice that the child went outdoors with the pet and after that they unnoticed disappeared. They were out of sight.

Nearby their home there was a  forest. The family lived near the forest, so the father started  to look for the child and the dog in the forest.  The father of the child searched for them for nearly two hours, but it was useless. At first he phoned the police, in order to check the  flood meadows,  thickets and swamps. The police saw the dog’s paw footprints on the ground after a short time. The police followed the traces found the child. He was in satisfactory condition. The dog was beside the child.


Hopeless the father of the child imagined  terrible scenes during the absence of his son,  what could happen to his child and pet. He was ready for even the worst and terrible things that were possible to happen in the end. But when the child’s mom also knew about this terrific news.She was at her workplace. She got very nervous and thought only about the worst situations that could happen.


The pet and the child could go only a mile away from home. Thanks to the dog’s footprints that he had left the child was rescued. This dog is really a hero. He is worth praising. After this the parents put strong and tight locks on their door in order the child  could not open the door and go far away from home.

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