An interesting story. What happened the time when the girl approached to the bears


All this occured in  summer.Outdoors the air was fresh and it was rather warm.  The birds awakened very early and alarmed people with their wonderful and splendid songs.

I wore a dress and walked to the lake. It is unbelievable stunning near the lake in the  early morning. The water in the pond was calm and quiet and a small fog  towered above the lake.

Small downfalls  of clean breeziness was seen on the grass. Only one way  led to the pond. In order to come up to  the lake, it was essential  to go through  the end of the forest wilds.

When I was strolling to the lake this time, I saw a female bear with a bear cub. In order not to frighten them, I calmly sat down near a tree and made a decision  to wait until the animals went away.

People were not frightened of bears in our village, they often appeared  to people. Neverthless, I made a decision  that I needed to be attentive . I wasn’t able to hide well and the bear noticed me. She started strolling towards me while pushing her cub forward.

I noticed that the baby bear had a wounded paw. I looked nearer and  noticed a big fragment. They perhaps weren’t able to get  the fragment out by themselves, so the bear decided to approach me as he needed help.

I took the animal in my hands, and I pulled the fragment out with one  move. The bear howled, and mother  bear  approached us again. It was over well, I helped the bear, and its mother didn’t injure me.

I  predict  many people will say “you are not able to do that”, but no one is frightened of bears in our village.No hunters, bears are often fed, that is why  they do not ever  approach people either.

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