A loyal and true friend. A heartwarming story about a dog which still waits for his owner on the bridge, who committed a suicide


The love of a dog towards people is incomparable. They will stay faithful to us even after we died.

A lot of stories of pets have been seen. They  continue to stay near the owner’s death bed. They even visit or sleep on their owner’s grave.

This story  is heartbreaking and touching. A dog was seen  waiting for his owner for a long time.It was the place where suicide was committed.

The puppy was seen on the Yangtze Bridge in Wuhan, in China. A man named Xu  found  the poor dog. He  even  downloaded the photos on social media.

He  tried to pick up the dog himself. He had a hope and desire  to find him a good home. He knew from the  workers that a man had jumped off the bridge on May 30. He shivered with tears on his eyes.

He understood that  the dog belonged  to that man who committed suicide. The dog went on   waiting for his owner faithfully. It still believed that his owner would come back.

The man wanted to save the dog.The puppy did not even eat food or drink water. He just sat on the bridge waiting loyally.

After seeing this post on social media , Du Fan, director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, came to the bridge. He was able to save the dog. Du said that they still have a hope to find an owner for this loyal dog.

This is a heartbreaking and touching story. It is a proof of  love, devotion and loyality towards people  after dying. We  still have a hope that the dog  will find a good shelter  soon. Share this story with your friends.

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