Cute photos. A special bond between a cute baby elephant and its rescuer


An elephant that is left alone. That baby elephant is the happiest to live with  the woman, who saved him. The woman looked after him and always followed her everywhere.

All over the world baby elephants are one of  the cutest animals. They are smart and lovely even when they  turn into giant elephants. They have a pure soul  and innocent eyes.The elephants are worth to lead a happy life with other animals.

On the other hand a few elephants  are left  by their herd. They are forced to fight for their living alone.It is a difficult task as they have to overcome threats. The threats are from both people  and nature.

The cutest baby elephant whose name is  Moyo. Moyo is very lively and playful. He is also very successful. The abandoned elephant saved when a lot of hyenas were near him.

The poor little thing was just a few days old when she was found almost drowned trying to cross a flooded river. It was rescued.

Moyo was in a terrible state at that time. The rescue team said that her chances being alive was very low. After much support and care the baby elephant  recovered and was transform. She was healthy and strong  due  to the staff who gave sincere care and love  to the elephant.

Roxy became a human mom. Roxy Danckwerts who the founder of the sanctuary. The kind-hearted woman has worked at the abandoned animals for about 20 years and supported and took care of  uncountable wild animals.

Danckwerts gave the poor baby elephant a loving family. The elephant really deserved to have a caring and loving family. Moyo couldn’t be happier to live with her mama.

Now she is 14 months old and he is  very lively, playful and cheerful. She can’t stand not  following her mother everywhere, from cooking in the kitchen to lying down on the sofa. She loves spending time with her human and never gets bored with it.

The owner says that he knows her smell her voice and where I she was all the time.

A  unique bond of friendship, care and love arises  between a kind woman and a loved  abandoned  baby elephant.  The love towards animals saves the elephants life.

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