How could a fluffy bear keep warm and rescue the 3 years old boy who was lost in the forest


A 3 years old boy  lived 2 freezing nights saying that a bear kept him warm and safe.In North Caroline Casey Hathway  disappeared from his grandmother’s  home . It was obvious  that the family was confused . The boy’s family believed that the boy made a decision to go away from the garden.His   grandmother  left him in the garden to play.

Even searching for the child in North California in  Ernul. They  were not able to find him. Grandmother rang up the police. There was no hope to  find the boy whi was lost in a cold winter day.

The boy was not  found for a few days. Casey’s being alive, safe and sound was a matter. In North California it was severe cold in January.  Casey was did not wear warm clothes for  the freezing.

A miracle happened. In the thick bushes Casey was found . But to everbody’s surprise he returned safe and sound. The story of his being alive is so  fascinating. It is very mysterious.

The aunt of the child  said that the boy got a new close friend during these days. That friend was a bear  as if it was the  God who sent the bear to save the boy

McFayden a said that they were very succesful that the boy was alive. Although there were the cruel conditions out, but due to the bear it was alive.
The first night that he was lost the degree of the  temperature decreased by 20 degrees.


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