PHOTO. A touching story about how a woman could save the life of the poor and frozen cat


Taking the dog for a walk, the woman saw a packet in which there was a tiny cat.Alina took the dog for a walk her dog as usual every day.Immediately, a usual packet took her attention. It was taken from one side of the path to the other side.The woman heard quiet meow. She rapidely went to the packet and joined it. It was tied into two hard knots.A little cat was in it. It was wet and froze with fear. It was so afraid and weak.

Alina took the packet rapidely with the cat and went home to give hand and support the poor cat. As the cat was afraid very much, the woman left it in the carrier for a few minute. It left it so that it would calm down and feel safe and sound.

Alina washed the cat after the baby got along with the new spot, because it was very dirty. It was clean and fed it, it also slept warm.

The cat was pleased with its warm and soft blanket.It even started to purr with delight when it touched it.

Alina fed the cat from a syringe and a bottle. The bottle and syringe helped it to return to life. It was very thirsty and hungry.

Alina had many cats at home. She liked animals, especially dogs and cat. Now the cat is in its new family and loves to play with the cats and dogs,it even gets pleasure sleeping next to them. The name of the cat is Davey. The name is given by his owner.

The cat changed completely. Nowadays it is happy and has a carefree life. Thanks to this girl the poor cat was rescued.

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