PHOTO. A dog which was born with one ear excites everybody


Golden dog which is like a unicorn. It was  born with one ear. It  approached everbody’s mind all over the world. A  golden dog which is  12- week old.

The dog was  born with one ear. The golden dog  attracted the world with its unique and extraordinary with  “unicorn horn.”

It’s name is Rae.It was born with one ear. As to the CNN, the mom of the dog bit the puppy with one ear by accident and tore her amniotic sac.

That caused her another ear to raise on the top of her head. One ear does not influence her listening.

The owner of the dog  notices that Rae doesn’t give a reason to  defect and  hold the dog back.

He even has an instagram page.Ray runs around, plays and makes poses as other dogs.

Even with extraordinary ears he attracted many people and is loved and taken care much. Let’s share this story about a unique dog which is like a unicorn, as it has one ear.

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