PHOTO. A wildlife photographer took pictures of the frogs which were hugging each other in the rain


A  wildlife photographer takes photo of two frogs. The frogs were cuddling under a flower in the rain Wildlife photography fosters us to the natural world.

It makes clear the astonishing and beautiful moments. These moments of animals can not ever be seen.

The photographers have special taste and skill. Sometimes wildlife photographers manage to capture a wonderful photo. They depict the natural beauty.

Like one photographer who took photos of two frogs. His name is Ajar Setiadi. He is from Bogor, Indonesia. He is a unique interest in the smallest creatures. We always overlook reptiles, birds and insects.

And many of the most fascinating photos, as can be seen on his Instagram, are of frogs:The frogs in Setiadi’s photos have with expressive faces.

He simply waits for the unique best moment in order to shoot.The photographer said that he likes to capture the frogs when it rains, because they take shelter in the vegetation. The result in some of photos is unique shots.

This led to one of his most unbelievable photos in February. When it rained, he saw two white tree frogs. These frogs take shelter under a flower. They use the flower as an umbrella.

The photos became extra sweet when one frog has its arm wrapped around the other. The scene was as if the frogs were sharing a romantic and sweet moment in the rain.The photo has become Setiadi’s most famous on his Instagram. This photo shows that the nature has a sweet side.

It’s similar to another nature photo that went viral earlier this year, taken by photographer Joe Neely, showing two sleepy bees cuddling on a flower together:What nice photos. These frogs are alike as if they are in love.

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