PHOTO. An extraordinary dog is afraid of people, but it is loved all over the world


The dog was extraordinary from its day of birth and grew up being afraid of people.  Due to its unusual appearance he is loved  and taken care of all over the world.

The dog’s name is  Quasimodo. A long time passed when people  first saw the dog and those who saw the dog are really  happy to introduce  this  cute and sweet dog.

He is a unusual dog. Only 15 dogs are  alike this dog all over the world. However his mother  says that he is unusual. It is his mother instinct that she thinks about her child as all moms do.

This sweet dog was born with short spine syndrome. This is a rare meeting disease. He is a typical German Shepherd. Only he is just a bit shorter.

In Kentucky he was a roaming dog.  Moreover he was   very shy.  He was frightened of people. When he met Rachael his attitude changed. Rachel  loved and took care of him very much.

Now he is playing and cuddling lively with his friends in the snow. He became very playful and happy. He liked to go  after girl dogs. He is surely a ladies’ man.

A Secondhand Hound is a profit organization  with no profit . A year this organization  saves the lives of thousands of dogs.

Quasimodo cares for the dogs and looks after them. Because of his spine problem he is to eat  without bending down. He eats  in a different way.

Nowadays the dog does not worry and isn’t in trouble. He is surrounded with care, attention and love. He is happy and lively. Love makes the dog happy and lively as well playful.

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