PHOTO. How a dog rescued rapidely the drawning fawn


The dog saw a fawn which was drowning  in the water and without hesitation went to  rescue the fawn. People have to support each other. It is unusual that the dogs can rescue the life of their owners. A  pet which has four legs helps another animal which is in a diffult situation.

Dogs are responsive, sensitive and brave. They are loved by people due to these qualities. Due to their senses they give a reaction rapidely and correct  in a certain situation. And a man is able to look at this from aside.

Every person has been present when the dog rescues a person’s life. This stories are very emotional and are noticed every time. Human beings have a sense of empathy. When seeing an animal in a difficult state, always a man gives hand, without thinking about the trouble.

This story is about a  cute and courageous dog. The dog did a heroic step. It is a golden retriever breed.The dog’s name is Storm

As usual a man was strolling with his two dogs in New York at the beach. During walking the dog ran into the sea.  When the man looked at the sea he saw a fawn which was drowning in the sea.

The dog pulled out the fawn and bring it to the shore. The fawn wanted to escape when it 2as on land, but it did not ran away. The dog tries to help the fawn as much as it could, before the rescuers came.

Due to to the story of the dog’s owner, people knew  how it all ended. The  animal, which was afraid,  cheered up and ran back to the water. But rescuers were able to intercept it, and everything was over safely.

Such kind of situations are worth appreciating. These kinds of acts of animals deserve praising. Your love and care will be the best praising for your animal.

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