Cute photos. An unlikely and heartwarming friendship between a dog and a rat


A dog is on depression and so lonely. But his life changed the time when he met a rat. He became close friends with the rat.

Friendship between animals is really touching and heartwarming, particularly when these animals seem to be different and impossible to be friends.

The two unlikely animals can make true friends together. Dogs are true example of this kind of friendship. A best friend or partner inspires you and make you happy in doing anything.

A true example of this friendship is the Riff Rat and Osiris dog. Riff Rat and  Osiris dog are close friends.

They are really inseparable and so close with each other  despite their difference of  size.

The  lovely puppy Osiris is a three year s old dog. It is Dutch Shepherd. It was on  depression for some time  as he did not have a friend  to play with, but then he found a very unlikely friend.

Osiris and Riff Rat are an  trusting , true, honest and inseparable close friends. The Dutch shepherd therapy dog lets the 3 months old rat crawl into his mouth and the rat even cleans his teeth.

As we know  Dutch shepherd dogs  are unique  for their trainability and faithfulness. Riff Rat was saved when he was  4 weeks and nursed back to health with a syringe.

Osiris is now a trained therapy dog. He has supported his family to take care of many various animals for many  years.

At first, the owners were a little apprehensive to introduce the pair to one another for certain reasons, but all fears were overcome as they understood how well the two got along.

They don’t want to just walk  and enjoy time together, but they are not afraid of each other’s tastes. The bond of this two animals is unlimited and inseparable.

It is heartwarming and sweet to see them  looking after each other. Their friendship is  unexpected. It gives hope for the rest of the animals in the world. Let’s share this story with your family and friends in order them to know about this true and inseparable friends.

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