PHOTOS. All about cute flying squirrels that melt people’s hearts


One of the cutest animals is probable is the Japanese flying squirrel.These little furry animals are the Japanese flying squirrels. These tiny creatures are able to soar from branch to branch due to  a furred patagium situated between the rear and  front  legs.

These pretty animals do not fly, they are able to hover a distance of 100 meters. This noticeable skill allows the squirrels to escape from probable  predators or to come to other trees.

These unique and cute squirrels live in the Baltic to Pacific coast of Japan and Europe. The squirrels are in the type of flying squirrels from the Old World. The flying squirrels do not hibernate in winter, they often just snooze a few days.

Their soft fur and tiny size makes them as  adorable and  lovely animals. This appearance attracts the attention of every person who sees this cute squirrel.

It has also very cute eyes. It looks so sweet when you take a picture of him.

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