An elder blind  pit bull is not able to conceal his emotions when Dad tries to put on her  new contact lenses


An elder blind  pit bull is not able to conceal his emotions when Dad  puts on her  new contact lenses.The name of the dog is Gremlin. An elderly dog started  not to see.

Very rapidly he saw thing around him very dark. The dog had an eye surgery, but it did not help. He lost his sight at the time his other eye did not see totally. He saw very dark and poor. He nearly did not see anything.

The dog Gremlin was not able to have any more optical operation.The blind dog had many problems connected about going around the house. He did not see objects, he got very nervous and depressed and even stuck in the walls of the house.

Step by step the dog Gremlin started not to interact with other dogs. He got afraid and shy by smallest voices and noises. He used to sit alone  and apart all day long  without socializing  with his siblings.

The owners of Gremlin were not able to see how a lively dog became such silent and all alone in his world.

They made a decision  to discuss with a vet that specialized in a risky lens transplant. As the cataract  surgery went bad, they didn’t want the dog  Gremlin to undergo one more eye surgery.

They made a decision to put  human eye contact lenses on the dog Gremlin as a right choice. The only problem was that the owners wanted to be really  sure that Gremlin was safe and sound in this case. They gave an order of high-powered contact lenses and put the contact lenses on. Here is the video

 It was so exhilarating and  heart-warming the time the dog Gremlin could again see her owners . And it was obvious that when the dog Gremlin  saw  things, he returned to the his  old self of the dog it had been before getting blind.


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