PHOTOS. The bus stop opens its doors for unsheltered dogs and makes beds to save them from severe cold so that they have a space to sleep warmly and safe


The bus station makes beds and places for the unsheltered dogs. They save and  protect these stray dogs from severe cold. They make warm places for them to sleep in.

Winter is coming to Brazil slowly.  Many people made a decision to support stray dogs in Brazil. They wanted to make a warm place to protect them from cold and hard frost.

The stuff members of bus made a tiny spot on their property where the unsheltered dogs are able to warm and taken care of.

The staff members not only gave beds to unsheltered dogs but also food to eat and water to drink. Beds are made from used tires and blankets, so that they can live in this severe cold winter weather.

For these stray three dogs it is like a five star hotel. It is a great and warm place for them.

The three stray dogs have possible suffered a lot. The first time is this case. These stray dogs feel  good behaviour, attention and care of people towards them.

The names of the dogs are Zoinho, Max and Pitoco. These names were given to them by the members of the staff. The three dogs are so heartwarming. They just express their thankfulness just by a pleased eyes at the people who saved them.

The animal advocate and politicians noticed this action of kindness and caring of these creatures. An animal advocate Fabian Rosa wrote that his compliments  to the members of the staff.Many companies could have followed this example and adopt an animal.Surely this is not the right choice, but there will be people  who will take care of these animals.


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