PHOTOS. A cute and sweet seal is exhilarated to see his enormous ice fish birthday cake on his 31st anniversary


A cute seal was very exhilarated to see his enormous cake on his 31st birthday. He enjoys the cake and he is so happy and excited.

Everybody waits for his birthday and loves that day as he is in the centre of attention. The same can be said about both people and animals. This lovely and sweet seal is from Cornish Seal Sanctuary. He serves as a true example of happiness of animals on their special day.

The seal was so happy and exhilarated about his enormous cake that the rescue brought for his 31 anniversary. The cake was very beautiful and thematic. It had an ic fish on it and this idea of ice fish on the cake made the seal happy, playful and so lively.

The seal used to live in the marine park, but unfortunately is was closed. The seal was saved and brought the tiny seal  to the wild world in 1989 again.

He got used to people and  a lot of calls were recieved about that fact that the seal rans after  people with buckets as he thinks that the people save fish . It was clear  that he needed to be take care of  so the RSPCA told the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to give him a home to live in.


Now the seal is  31 years old and  he is so safe and sound, healthy, playful and full of energy. He is loved and take care of at the sanctuary by the staff members.One can notice from the photos that he is very happy and excited. He gets pleasure and enjoys his birthday cake. The seal so cute and happy. Let’s share this kind  story with your family and friends.


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