PHOTOS. A kind and heartwarming story about an old woman who knitted 450 doggy coats and blankets for the sheltered animals


A woman knitted 450 coats and  for blankets for dogs shelter. She is 89 years old.When the speech is about shelter animals, the options are so wide at local saving companies.

There is so wide choices to do there. Such things as cleaning kennels, taking the dogs for a walk, taking part in adoption processes as well as taking care and looking after this dogs in need of help. Volunteers  can help with what they do. Many local rescues are happy for any kind of supporting.

A woman found a way of helping dogs in need. She uses her skill of knitting. She knits many blankets as well as sweaters and coats for the  shelter animals. She does really a unique thing.

Her name is Maisie Green.  She knitted hundreds of blankets, coats and sweaters for these cute puppies.

She donated all these things to the sheltered dogs of the Dogs Trust Basildon shelter in the United Kingdom.

She said to the Dogs Trust Basildon that she loved  knitting as well as dogs. That is why he combines both of his favourite activates in a wonderful way. She knitted a doggy coat in a day and a  doggy blanket in three days.  She got pleasure doing knitting. She was also fond of dogs and helping these animals.

She also gave a sense to her life due to knitting. It filled her day and all life. She did knitting while watching TV. She said that she was pleased to help the sheltered dogs in her way. These dogs look so cute with these knitted things.The cute dogs warm up in these blankets. They look so happy and pleased.

Dogs Trust is one of the U.K.’s biggest dog saving companies. It provides care and looking after stray dogs. It looks after to over 16,000   unsheltered dogs every year.  Volunteers help as they can.

Maisie Green does such a nice and appreciating thing. She does it in a sweet way. We do not have any hesitation that the dogs appreciate and praise  all her sweet donations to them. This woman did a great job.  She knitted over 450 blankets and doggy coats. Let’s share this kind story with your family members and your friends.

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