PHOTOS.All about an interesting place called “daycare” centre for cute pandas in China


One of the interesting places in the world is a specialized place for pandas to breed them. This place is called  “daycare” centre.

This specialized place is a place where small sweet pandas are spending their day. They play with boys, push  the balls and play in the playground jumping and climbing on the  sticks.

This  centre is situated at the Chengdu Research Base in China. It is unbelievable for the saving  of the  giant pandas, which are the most popular endangered animals.


Every panda is unique for its being cute and lovely. But it is rather difficult to look after these endangered animals. Every two years a female panda gives birth to only one cub. They are known as a slow breeding animals.

It is a  very difficult job to feed and breed pandas. Every member of the staff does everything to foster increasing  the number of pandas in the wild. The number of pandas is already 2000.

Here are these cute and lovely animals. They just give positive vibes. They are very lovely and people just adore them. For many people it is a dream to see these cute creatures  cuddling with lazy and cute expression on their faces.

1. He is so playful and funny.

2.He is fond of just playing and enjoying his day.3.He is so cute.4. They like playing   and helping each other.

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