A thankful dog kisses the firefighter who saved him from stucking on the roof


Pet are so thankful, when an animal is saved. They frequently seem to understand that they are safe and sound and have a way of expressing their gratefulness to the people who rescued them.

In this story a dog was not in an ordinary case that asked for emergency assistance and thanked with a touching and heartwarming way.

In Well a police recieved a call from the locals. They were reported that a dog was noticed to be on the roof of the house.

A dog had passed from an open window and was stuck.

A policeman Steve McDonald came to the place and worked with the Wells Maine Fire Department to rescue  the dog who was stuck.

One of the fire department staff member fire captain Jeff Nawfel went up to the roof of the house to save the dog.

When he jumped on the roof the lovely dog understood that the fire captain saved him and expressed his gratefulness to him with a kiss.

The Wells Maine Police wrote a post on Facebook that there is nothing surprising than an animal expressing thanks.

He saved the dog, but says that the dog was rather calm  by the whole nightmare.

He said that nobody had expressed his gratitude in such way. This was the first time. What is surprising the dog was not stressed at all.

It is always kind and touching  to see dogs expressing gratitude  to their true heroes. Thanks to this firefighter the dog was rescued. Share this heartwarming story


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