PHOTOS. A true and unlikely friendship between a husky and a duck


Frequently animals become very unlikely friends.In this story a duck and a dog are true example of unlikely  friends. Even it seems  extraordinary, but it is frank and true friendship.

If you do not  consider truthful, scroll down to read this story because this is wonderful confirmation that an animal which has fur and an animal which has feather can make up close friends.

The name of husky is Max and  the name of the duck  is  Quackers.They live along a country road in Strout, Minnesota. Max was adopted at the age of 5 by Patrick and Kirsten Riley.

Patrick and Kristen Riley had also other husky which name was Sasha. Sasha and Max became rapidly close friends.  Unfortunately the husky Sasha passed the rainbow bridge and left the husky Max all alone.

Being informed that the husky  Max was sad the family made a decision to adopt the duck Quackers. Max loved  Quackers very quickly.

Patrick Riley the owner said that  he did not have friends and so the husky Max sits beside his pen and he believed they just had a tight bond in this way. They really went away each other’s side.

Gratefully  the empty of isolation in Max’s heart was very frequently overloaded by Quackers.

Kirsten  said that nowadays the two friends  do everything together. The  husky and the duck  sleep together, they drink and eat together, they even go for walks together. Most of the time the duo spend together  in  Highway 28. Their connection is so cute and frank, people  stop their cars to appreciate it.

Strout is a small town in Minnesota, so husky and the duck have become famous  in Strout.People stop over there every time.  Sometimes there is even a traffic  jam   there.  People often take pictures of this pair as they are so sweet together.

Here is the video of their tight friendship:

This an example of true friendship. Please share this sweet and kind story with your family and friends.

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