PHOTOS. A kind man adopts a bear cub to rescue the life of the bear cub after it strolled in the village


Once a farmer  was walking along the street he noticed a guest unforeseen visitor in the village searching for food. It was a malnourished bear cub who was hungry and searching for food.

The first time the farmer did not believe in his eyes, but when he looked closer he recognized that the creature was a cube.

Seeing the weak and starving bear cube the farmer made a decision to save the bear and take care of him all day long. That is why he decided to look after this bear cub.

The bear was tiny and so weak that the farmer did not want neither to send it to the zoo nor to the wild as it could not live in a cage alone.

Nikolay thought that  the small bear cub might have disoriented and lost the way leading to his mother bear as the farmer did not know how to lead the bear to his mom keep and take care of the bear cub. This is really an extraordinary pet to keep he thought to himself.

Nowadays this cute and sweet bear cub  lives  at home where he is taken care of and loved.

As Nikolay has a farm there is both shelter and food. The bear does not need to look for food in deep woods and villages.

Nikolay even rang up wildlife authorities to give hand, guidance and support in this extraordinary state.But unfortunately they were not helpful at all.

The wildlife authorities offered to get the bear cub back to the wild or to put the bear cub to take a snap.

These were the two solutions but Nikolay understood that the bear cub wouldn’t live in these both ways. As a solution the farmer made a decision to take care of the bear and make it a pet.

Nikolay and his hunting companions looked for the mom of the bear at nearby forest  hoping to find her, before taking the bear cub as a pet. They looked for the bear cub for 2 days but it was in vain and useless.

Nikolay said that the village committee has given this bear cub a kind of passport so that the bear  lives in this village legally. They gave  a name to the bear  cub. The name of bear cub is Vasilisa.

Nikolay even thinks of building an enormous shelter for the bear cub so that it will grow up there. This story is so touching and kind. Let’s share this story with your family members and friends.

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