A delivery man acts very rapidly to rescue the dog hanging on the lift


Frequently people are at the proper place at the proper time to rescue a life, they are very alike of a lifesaver sent to rescue a day.

In this case a delivery driver met a dog repressed by a lift. He was there just in time to rescue the dog who needed help.

It happened in Hubei,in China. A tiny white colored dog came into the lift all alone by himself.

The incident occurred in Hubei, China. A small white dog got onto a lift by itself, hanging a chain behind him.

The time when the doors closed the chain of the dog was caught and the poor and hopeless dog was hang by his neck to the ceiling of the lift.

Daily Mail reports that the lift went down from the 22nd floor. The dog was left hanging on by his chain all the way down.

Gratefully, the lift came to an end and a guardian angel got on the lift. The delivery man rapidly take hold of the dog to give hand to him.

It was a terrible scene to look at after the lift doors open,the delivery man does not pause in his actions.

The hero and kind do-gooder rapidly   sets free the dog from chain.

As maintained by the South China Morning Post, the security guard brought hopeless  dog back to his owners.

The video of  saving of the dog was downloaded has spread. It was viewed by 1.6 million times in some days.

This delivery man is a real and true hero. Due to his rapid acts the dog was rescued.

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