Video. Many people name this cat “supernatural and unattractive” when they see his two completely different faces


A cat which name is Frank and Louie has a unique and extraordinary look. It is interesting for a lot of people why the cat has double name.

The respond to this mysterious question is that the cat has double faces.

Looking at the cat from both sides one can understand that it is a ordinary cat. But the time a person look at the cat directly, one can be surprised with its double face appearance. The faces are related but act in some way ordinarily.

These cats are very scarce. After being born in such appearance they do not live longer than  some days or just hours.

Surprisingly Frank and Louie  is 15 years old. They lives in a caring, kindhearted and affectionate home.  They can be  “supernatural and unattractive” to few people, but he’ll have a unique  position in their mother and  our hearts all the time.

Here is  a  full story on this unbelievable two faced cat:

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