Brave and playful dog who has only 3 legs rescues his owner’s life after a huge swell crashes into the boat


A pet which name is Tater Tot was deprived of the leg. The pet suffered the loss of leg because of cancer. The dog is still walking in some way. He is a playful dog. He goes every place where his owner goes. The name of the owner is Tom Kissel.

In this case the incident occured when the man was boating at that time unfortunately the wave hit the boat. Because of this unpleasant accident the man who was 76 years old became unconscious and went too far.

Succesfully, at the time of accident, the dog was with the man on the boat. The time the dog saw that his owner was falling into the water of the river.

The dog gained strength forgetting about his amputate leg tried to help the man in need of help. The dog jumped to the water began to puddle without any hope. Due to the rapid acts of the dog the man’s life was rescued.

A fellow boater whose name was Mary saw the pet in a mess and despair. Mary was boating with her husband at the time of the incident. After some time Mary and her husband knew that the old man was underwater.

Gratefully Mary was cardiac care nurse and the aim of her work was to rescue the people’s lives. The time the boaters pulled out the man out of the water of the river, Mary took Cardiopulmonary resuscitation till the doctors arrived.

The doctors came with a particular counter-shock in order to bring the man’s heart back into a usual and standard heart rhythm. After this the doctors took the man to the hospital. In the hospital the man was given some additional care and curing.

The time Tom opened his eyes, the man did not think of or recall the bad incident.
The man only said that his life was rescued thanks to that strange fellow boaters and his true, devoted and faithful dog.

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