PHOTOS. A dog treated badly by his former owner finally finds a forever home


It is difficult to realize why the dogs are abondened by their owners and the dogs have to protect themselves. Actually, the dogs are kind-hearted and do not cause harm to anybody.

This story is a about a dog named Leonard.  The owner of the dog left him outside in the street as a litter. The dog was so poverty-stricken.

The time the rescuers noticed the dog  the legs of the dog were seriously burnt and reddened that the dog had difficulty in walking and all his body was flea-bitten and he had bacterial infection.

The dog was brought to the saving centre where the dog was cured, was fed well and given a curing bath.

The dog’s state started to get better,but for complete healing a lot of time was neccessary.

The time the dog understood the most essential thing that he got care and love and now was safe and sound, he started to rely on people once more.Although the dog was treated badly by his owner left alone and abandoned in the past time.

The rescuers saved the dog giving warmth through covering the dog and dressing him a tiny pullover and coat.

Fortunately,  a kind-hearted woman adopted the dog  at last. The woman noticed the dog   in the shelter and fell in love with the dog immediately. The dog does not have to struggle for his life and will get care and love.

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