A faithful and true dog rejects to leave his old owner’s side at her burial


Animals are close friends of people. They are very devoted and smart. They give care and love to their owners. They become a family  member with their owners.

When a person passes away it really makes an influence on the pet. Pets, especially dogs seem to know and realize that their beloved people died, even are sorrowful for their owners at the owners burial place.

In this story a cutr dog refuses to go away from his owner. He prefers to stay by his owners  side at the owners funerial.

The owner’s name is Maria Isabel Benites Chamba. She is   95 years old. She is a woman from Ecuador. She died last month. All those people who loved this woman came to see her for the last time and say good bye at a local funeral home Funeraria Santa Rosa.

The most touching and interesting thing is that even the small and cute  dog  named Bumer also came to the funeral. The loyal dog Bumer did not leave her owner’s side . He juat sat by the casket of the owner during all the time. He stayed there up to the end of the funeral.

Everybody  who  attended to the funeral saw the love and loyality of the dog towards his owner. They were shocked by this emotional scene and true bond between the dog and his owner.  The dog loves his owner endlessly.

The dog even came to Maria’s  final resting place. He even jumped into the car and he just wanted to spend the time by just sitting next to his owner. This is  a true example of love.The heartbreaking sight of the dog’s sorrow attracted and touched everybody’s heart. This dig is a faithful creature.

Maria’s family members were touched to  see the  pet sorrow at a funeral process.

Greatfully,  the dog Bumer is looked after and taken care of by Maria’s family members, according to The Dodo. The dog frequently goes to the grief of his owner, just sits there understanding that he lost his beloved owner.

What a touching  and cute story. This story shows true and frank love of animals towards their owners up to the end of her life.

Please share this heartwarming and kind story if you adore and care for pets, especially dogs.

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