PHOTOS. The reddish-yellow cat  was lifeless and hopeless, but the two kind-hearted men  rescued the kitty after seeing a little bit hope of saving


Two  men who were do-gooders noticed a tiny hopeless cat on the main road. The cat was just lying down on the terrace and looked rather weak and in despair.

The cat was curled up as if in the ball. There were ants and insects on his body. At first sight it seemed to them that the cat passed away but fortutanely gave a sign of hope by just moving his leg. This gave a hope to the two Samaritans that  they could rescue the cat.

The time the cat moved a little bit, the two men felt good that they can in some way help the cat. They took the cat up and made a decision to support him. The two Samaritans took the cat to an emergency animal hospital so that the vets rescued the tiny creature.

The veterinarians took care of the tiny kitten, gave medicines for the eye infections, washed the cat and fed it with milk. The poor kitten was so weak that the vets gave so much milk and nutrition to recover the hopeless cat.

Luckily  here is the delighted cat after rescue. They gave him the name Adlen. The kitten  is recovering in a very good way. He   has a good appetite.

The cat is adopted by a friendly family. The cat is safe and sound. I am  so happy that   the two kind- hearted man   could rescue the tiny  poor hopeless creature.

Here is the touching video:

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