The black-colured bear was just enjoying her time lying on the mattress. The bear knows how to have a perfect relaxation.


This bear started  the day in a wonderful way. The funny bear likes to have a rest and enjoys life. He was just relaxing on a nice mattress that people left.

Many people do not even know that bears are able to stroll in the city or just look at the houses. In this way the bears just go for a walk outdoors. If the bears do not notice something interesting they just quickly leave the place.


This story is about a bear who lived in Canada. A woman whose name was Keira Mamakawa noticed the resting bear. The woman did not go to work that day. She was just having rest at home, when she made a decision to throw the rubbish.

She saw the bear by accident.The bear which has a black colour has a fortune. The bear is blessed with good luck. He just lay down to have a rest in wonderful facilites. The woman did not have mood but seeing this scene she became happy. This made a positive influence on her day. At first the woman considered that the bear was looking for food. But after this she noticed that the resting and happy bear was not starving from hunger. He was just relaxing on the mattress.

The happy and delighted bear did not even look at the woman, so the woman did not have diffulty taking pictures of this  funny creature. The bear just made a decision to take a wonderful holiday, as he found a wonderful and soft mattress. This is a lucky case as finding a free thrown mattress is a very seldom thing.


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