A heroic act of the rescued dog saved the life of a baby girl and his sibling left outdoors in cold weather


Dogs are very faithful and devoted animals. They have a very developed sense of feeling danger. These quality is very developed in them.Dogs can even foretell and sense the upcoming incidents and response in an emotional way.

The dog’s former abusive owner treated him very badly. The dog was adopted and had a forever home. and once the dog began to bark very loudly at 11 am. The barking process was nonstop. The owners really felt something strange and wrong was going to happen. The owners tried to know what concerns their dog and why is the dog frightened.


As the dog did not stop barking the owners felt something is not right outdoors. The dog went outdoors qnd saw a baby with no clothes. The baby was suffering from severe cold.

The owner of the dog took the babe in the blanet nad immediately brought the toddler home. While the ambulance came,the girl was able to say doggy. The moment was so touching and heartwarming.

Luckily, she was not injured. Then they learnt that the tiny girl has a brother,
Fortunately she was not harmed. The little girl has a very poverty- stricken family and they lived in dangerous and risky enviroment.

Soon the little girl and her brother were brought to child shelter service. The kind act of adoptinv and saving the dog saved the life of little poor girl and her brother.

Thanks to the dog the two inocent and hopeless children were rescued.

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