A sweet dog which has two legs looks after her unsheltered family. A true example of mother who sacrifies everything for her puppies


A sweet dog which has two legs looks after her unshltered family.

The dog’s name is Shi Bao. The dogs can overcome the new surroundings quite well.

Many unsheltered dogs are looking for something to eat and somewhere to live in the terrace.

It is quiet perfect to notice these roaming animals live and overcome difficulties that they come to accept almost every time.

Here is a mother unsheltered dog which has two legs. She has given birth to two puppies.Thid female dog is a tru example of mother who sacrifies everything for her puppies.

Although the dog has a disability she still looks after her puppies and checks that the puppies are safe and sound.The name of mother dog is Shi Bao. The mother dog was not a roaming dog before.

The female dog was left by her owner and  the unsheltered dog made a decision to live near  Kouguan railroad terminal.

Many people report that the mother dog lost her two legs may be in a terrible incident or the train knocked the dog to the ground.

The mother dog goes on struggling for her life and good health. Her puppies are completely healthy and looks after them every day.

The mother dog was very watchful and observant  to her puppies and makes an effort to defend them from dangers.

We have a desire that this sweet dog finds a forever home or just was seen by an animal saving organization.

All animals are worth  to have a affectionate and a  guarded place to live which is protected from harm and dangers.

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