PHOTOS. A Seberian Husky with a tumour on her face which is not cured shows how lovely and friendly he can be


Here is Husky. Siberian Husky is named Serenity. This dog has a enormous cancerous growth on her face and unluckily it is not treated. The Siberian Husky has a   non-identical face, but this does not make the dog  unhappy and he continues to feel cheerful and enjoying his life.


The Siberian Husky  is 4 years old.  The Husky at last is taken care of and looked after in a very warmly way.  Serenity was an unsheltered dog in San Antonio, Texas. Her unique and uncommon face made it difficult for him to look for a forever home. That made her to be transfered to Dallas, Texas.


Patti Dawson  learnt about this unusual Husky and made  a decision to be her adoptive parent. Patti Dawson also says that the dog is cheerful and just gave her hugs and kisses. Unluckily, Patti Dawson is not informed about how long Serenity has left.

The veterinarian examined the Siberian Husky. He said that after examining he found out that the tumor has removed the bones in her face. Although the tumor surpassed her skull and eye sockets, she can ingest and breath. Those who take care and adore the Seberian Husky consider that the Seberian Husky is suffering from pain, but the dog is contented and cheerful, so it is difficult to understand her.

Even the veterinarian said bad information about her health, Dawson made every effort giving her tasty food and much time for leisure. Dawson kept taking care and loving the unique dog warmly. She did everything for her. Dawson organized even photosession for this lovely dog. She had a aim to motivate people to contribute her.

An animal photographer Renee Dowhaniuk shot wonderful pictures of  sweet Serenity. When her beautiful  pictures were downloaded  on social media, a lot of people  made a  decision to support the Seberian Husky in any way that they could.

A lot of people donated  money for  Seberian Husky Serenity’s safe keeping. There were people who  sent 300 care packages and  collections with good things for this dog. This dog feels happy seeing this packages and this dog really is worth loving and taking care.

Although nobody knows how long this cute dog will live, Dawson will do everything possible that the dog lives happily and playful. She will do this until the end of her life as she adores this puppy.

Share this kind story of a unusual dog and let all your family members and friends know about this. Thanks to the people’s contribution the dog will live many, many years.

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