Video. A touching story how a horse says last goodbye to his owner at the owner’s funeral


We understand the tight relationship between animals and people when something bad happens. For this cute horse named Sereno his world fell to pieces when the horse had the loss of his  owner and close friend, Wagner Lima.

The owner was 34 years old when the terrible accident happened. The man was from Paraguay. He was a cowboy. He passed away in New Year’s Day in Brazil. The cause of the death was the terrible unfortunate incident.

The horse was taken to his owner funeral and what happened during the funeral made everybody cry and their eyes were full of sorrow and tears. The horse and the owner Sereno were best friends and worked in competitions for nearly 10 years.

Wando the brother of the owner Wagner  said that Wagner did everything  to take care for this horse. Both Wando and Wagner loved the horse very much. He also added that the only concern of Wagner was to manage to buy everything that horse likes to eat. Wagner forgot about his everyday needs.

Unfortunately, the owner of the horse passed away in motorcycle terrible incident. He had an operation but useless he passed away. Many people suffered the loss of this man. Wagner’s horse also came to say goodbye to his owner.

What the horse did was shocking and surprising. The horse walked beside the casket and started to smell the coffin.  The horse had warm and true emotions towards his owner. The scene made everybody touched .

Here is the video of heartbreaking scene :


Nowdays the horse will live with Wando and give him care and love that he is worth.This story just shows how true and deep are  emotions of the horse towards his owner. Please like and share this heartbreaking and touching story with all your family membrrs and  friends.


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