Grief-stricken cat sorrows over his former owner who passed away


The cat Rambo had tight relations with his owner. Unfortunately, the old owner died, he immediately got ill, had the loss of  need of hunger and even did not  eat and drink just water. He was suffering and starving. His state got worse and he had to be taken to hospital for some days immediately.

The cat Rambo was thirsty and very his mouth was very dry  but apart from them the cat was healthy and his respiratory rate was normal.

The veterinarian said that cats can also feel the  loss of their owner and feel sorry for the death of their owner. That’s why the family made a decision  to take the suffering cat Rambo to his owner’s gravestone.

The cat Rambo strolled seriously  to the gravestone and sat down in front of the tombstone of his former owner, the time the people who visited with him were just praying.

After going to the tombstone the cat Rambo at last  got back his need for food and now his previous owner’s family ensures he is looked after with care and love. His health got better and she feels a bit better.

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