Video. A heartwarming story about a kind-hearted road worker who rescued the life of a drowning cat in the floodwaters


A trackman rescued a cat which was drowning. The man’s name was Metin Kesin. There was a waterflood in Turkey at that time.

The road worker gave his breath mouth to mouth and enlivened the kitty. He revived the cat.

Metin Kesin described how he noticed the drowning kitten the time they were there to clean up floodwaters. The little hopeless cat was in the downpour at the edge of death when he noticed the kitty and ran fast to rescue him. The cat did not move and was lifeless and did not make noise or say meow.

The man began to breath mouth to mouth very gently and he even gave chest compression. He even did a masage to warm the kitten. Fortunately, the cat let out the water and made sounds. This gave  a hope to this kind person.

Keskin took the cat to the vet immediately. After completely curing the cat the road worker adopted the cat. Now the kitten has a forever home.

Keskin said that he is so happy that he adopted the cat and also added that now it makes his day.

Thanks to this kind-hearted and brave man, due to her immediate act the kitten now lives happily and in warm and safe conditions.

Here is the saving video of the drowning cat:

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