A woman named Tracey adopts six dogs which need special care and now they are living their life to the fullest


A woman who had once a German Shepherd Hayden made a decision adopt 6 puppies. This woman’s name Tracey Fowler. She was from Mendon,  Vermont. She has given all  her life to support  pups that most others would walk past in animal shelters.



She concerated on looking after her new loads of dogs. Now the dogs are eight. All of them are very strong. The dogs are living the life to the fullest and flourishing. These dogs are in a exceptional and extra special need to take care of.

Here are The Fowler dogs, a herd of extra special needs dogs. These dogs wanted to be adopted and fought for being adopted.

Fortunately the dogs were adopted and have a forever home. It  turned out that the woman had already 2 healthy German Shepherds before adopting 6 dogs which needed special care.

The dog Hayden was struggling against an illness which is called degenerative myelopathy. The dog had a trouble connected with paralysis. The reason for this illness was cruel infection.

The death of the dog made this woman to adopt the dogs. Althought Tracey never lost hope until the last day of this dog’s life.

The dogs are in a good relations with each other. Adopting a spevial need dog is a great honor. It makes little difference if the dog is paralysed  or completely healthy. The dogs enjoy the love and care that  Tracy gives the dogs needing special care.


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