An old man who is 76 years old gathers oddments to feed starving unsheltered cats every day


An old man named Willie Ortiz is a 76 years. He collects oddments. He does this activity over 22 years. This old man is delievering food to unsheltered hungry cats.

He does his mission countless both in hot and cold weather conditions. He is so devoted to his activity. Unsheltered dogs are neglected by indifferent humans.

Noticing the hungry roaming animals a man’s heart melts  and he gave him this title of cafing about the animals. Early in the morning he collects metal scrapes and then he sells and buys sausages and other meat product to feed the roaming cats.

The man also looks after ill animals. He treats them in order that they live.  He is very happy to be pleasant and eager to help animals.

The complete number is 68 wild and roaming cat. He did his activity with care and love. He does erything for this roaming dogs.


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