PHOTOS. The dog was left alone because of his facial deformity and he was neglected by his owners for several times


It is well known that dogs are best friends of humans. They are very faithful and true and tightly connected with their owner. There are very few people who are not fond of dogs.

Every type of dog is original in its way. Both their appearance and character make us fall in love with these cute creatures.

Unluckily, there are many people that love the dog just for the appearance that he has.

In this story the dog named Beaux Tox was neglected because of his appearance. But this cute dog  has a problem connected with  deformity.

This makes this dog different from other dogs.

The people who only look at the appearance of this dog do not want to adopt him, but fortunately Jamie Hulit noticed this dog and wanted to adopt the unique dog. She loved the dog.

One of the friends of Jamie Hulit put a photo of this dog in order someone to adopt and give this dog a forever home and Jamie Hulit was that person.

But unfortunately, the dog had to overcome different difficulties and problems.

This dog was in his mother’s belly and his mothed had 6 puppies in his belly.

There was a little space in the belly that is why the dog had a problem called”sunken cranium” and very closed set eyes.

But this dog does not have any problems connected with intelect and usual actions. The people who breed this dog could not sell him because of facial deformity that is why he was given free.

The dog was given the name Lucky by an Austin man. Although  this man had cats and they did not have nice relations that is why the dog was left in the backyard of the man all alone nearly five years.

He did not have enough food, place to sleep in and felt very neglected. He had many different owners.

Due to Jamie he has a happy and healthy life. Jamie even did not care about what people said about the facial appearance of the dog. Thanks to Jamie the dog has a forever home. Beaux feels happy and loved and is taken good care before harsh things he passed through.

Such a touching story of a cute dog which gives smile and wagging his tail makes us happy. Share this story with your dog loving friends.

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